Kenneth Charles Calvert.


University of Otago. New Zealand.

B.Sc. Indust.Chem.& Microbiology. 1964.

Part B.D. & Dip.Theology. Knox College. 1966


Agricultural Management. Mixed Wool & Meat. 1956-60.

Engineering Construct. & Metalurgy.Uni.Vacation work. 1961-66.

Electronics & Computers. Amateur Radio A.O.C.P.--

-- Satellite Comms. Data logging. Lab Computer Tech. 1973-99 .


Chief Administrator Southern Islands: P.C.N.H., latterly the Presbyterian Church of

Vanuatu. Also Principal Kristian Institute Technology of Weasisi. ( KITOW was the rural

development training centre of the P.C.V., based on I.T. principals and concerned with

the establishment of small scale village industries to enhance third world agriculture.)


National Planning Office Govt. of Vanuatu. From Independence. Responsible for

Water Supplies, Energy and Rural Industry. ( and Coffee) 1980-82.

Parish Minister. P.C.A.N.Z. Private Consultant: 1983-89.

.Prin.Research Scientist. P.N.G Coffee Research Institute. Coffee Processing.

Wastes Utilization. Smallholder Technology. Coffee Chemistry.

1990-99. (Also Asst. Kainantu United Church. .U.C.P.N.G.&S.I.).................

Renertech Freelance Consultants. 2000-To date.


South Pacific Bulletin.1973-79.

Several Articles on Agriculture & Rural Development Technology.

Appropriate Technology: U.K. Journal of 1973-79. Ditto above.

P.N.G. Coffee Newsletter. 1990-99. Var. Coffee technology.

C.S.I.R.O. CRRERIS. Producer Gas Information Package. 1983.

National Development Plan Govt. of Vanuatu 1983.

6 Research Reports for the P.N.G. Coffee Research Institute.

Good Manufacturing Practises for Post Harvest Processing.

Vietnam Coffee & Cooca Assosiation. 2003.



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    11. Talaco/Vicofa  Quantri  Vietnam   July 2005
    12. San Pedro Sulas. Honduras  December 2005.




Assoc. New Zealand Instution of Gas Engineers.

Member. Assoc. of Energy Engineers.

Member Inst. Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

Member New Zealand Water & Wastes Assoc.