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Coffee Processing

Growing Sustainable Organic Coffee.

Organic Sustainable Coffee. (pdf)

The Microbiology of Coffee Processing.

This series of articles was published in the P.N.G. C.R.I. Coffee Research Newsletter during 1998 and 1999. It has since been updated and Part4 added.

The Series. (pdf)

The Great Millennial Mistake. (pdf)

Fermenting in Plastic Tanks.(pdf)

Growing Mushrooms. (pdf)

Propagating Mushroom Spawn. (pdf)

Coffee Wastes, Soluble Dietary Fibre, Antioxidants and Health (pdf)

GasChromatograph. (pdf)

The Renertech Biogas ProcessV4. (pdf)

The Fungi Gulp Process.(pdf)

The Combustion of Coffee Hulls.pdf)

The Modern Coffee Factory.(pdf)

How to protect Coffee Factories and Plantations from Breakins and theft.

Electronic Security For the Coffee Industry. (html)

Characteristics of Coffee Waste Water.

CoffeeWasteWater (pdf)

The Renertech Biogas Waste Water System for Coffee.

RenerTechWWSystem (pdf)

The New Zealand Farmers Biogas Plant. Some out of print M.A.F. brochures from the 1980s.

How UASB Works??

MAFBGUasb (pdf)   MAFBGScrubA (pdf)    MAFBGScrubB (pdf)    MAFBGfuel (pdf)

Pneumatic Transport Systems for Coffee Factories (pdf)

Utilisation of Coffee Pulp (pdf)

Coffee Propagation

Growing Speciality Organic Coffee (pdf)

Trifinio Project General Outline (pdf)

Edible Lawnmowers (pdf)

Contouring Your Coffee2 (pdf)

Coffee and Bees.(pdf)

Spanish Translations

With thanks to David Roche, Coffee Quality Institute.

Growing Speciality Organic Coffee - SPANISH (pdf)

La Microbiologea del Proceso del Cafe (pdf)

Humankind,Energy and the Future of our Planet


Coral Atolls and Sea Rises

Basic Machinery Requirements for Atoll Industrial Development.(doc)

The Energy Integrated Ecological Biomass Atoll Living System (doc)

Re-expanding the Landmass of Tuvalu (doc)

Realising Our Full Potential! (doc)